Dexpot 1.6.2075:来自德国的著名虚拟桌面软件

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Dexpot 1.6.2075 更新内容:

- Keyboard controls for DexControl
- Arrow keys: Select desktop or window
- CTRL + Arrow keys: Select monitor
- RETURN: Switch to selected desktop/window
- DEL: Close window
- Z: Zoom a desktop
- T: Tile up a single desktop
- SHIFT + T: Tile up all desktops
- Numeric keys: Switch to desktop 1 to 9 (Window catalog: Switch to window 1 to 9)
- DexControl can now show windows on excluded monitors (plus option to disable DexControl on such monitors)
- Improved visibility of desktops with black background color in Full-screen preview
- Window catalog for active application
- DexControl animation speed setting
- Option to hide window labels in DexControl tile view
- Option to switch to an assigned application's desktop when started or activated
- Option to disable full-screen detection ('Settings > Appearance > Full-screen applications')
- CTRL + Single click on 'One icon per desktop' launches Window catalog for a single desktop
- Window tooltips are back in 'Desktop Preview'
- Beautified 'Wallpaper Clock' plugin
- Quickly assign applications via numeric keys
- Automatic recovery of off-screen windows
- 30-day evaluation period for commercial use
- Automatic transfer of settings when started with an empty portable.ini
- Fixed DexControl crash on resolution changes and resuming from standby
- Fixed disappearing windows when using DexControl
- Cropped windows in DexControl weren't displayed properly
- Fixed errors with windows copied to all desktops, then closed on specific desktops ("Magic sticky")
- 'Desktop Manager' sometimes displayed wrong icons with 'Show icons of active windows' enabled
- Fixed window dragging in 'Desktop Preview' on multi-monitor systems
- Windows from password-protected desktops were gathered on the active desktop when using DexControl
- Fixed an issue with 'Taskbar Pager' where default settings could not be loaded correctly
- Plugins are no longer loaded automatically on incompatible Windows versions
- Minimized windows could be displayed as 'Icons' in Desktop Preview instead of 'Window sketches'
- Fixed display errors using classic Full-screen preview with background customization enabled
- Fixed restoring hidden windows in 'Desktop Windows' when using the persistent taskbar feature
- Application assignments were not affected by desktop reordering
- Fixed Wallpaper Clock crashes when changing the number of desktops
- Fixed flickering of Desktop Preview window in DexControl
- Fixed problem with "no windows" line missing from empty desktops' menus in Desktop Manager

支持运行环境:Windows XP/Vista/Win7

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